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Residential & Commercial Lawn Care Doctor who gets to know his customers!

New Dimensions Turf offers consulting, education and research and are committed to maximizing turf performance on lawns, sports fields, and golf courses, commercial landscapes, and home lawns. We identify and evaluate nutrition, health and other environment problems. Then we customize the solutions to meet your goals. Dr. Tim Vanini is The Doc for your lawn! Check out our seminars, videos, and blogs for the best lawn care news and tips. New Dimensions Turf offers the best in turfgrass technology.

The Doctor is in!

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Lawn Care Services

About Us

New Dimensions Turf, Inc is a consulting, education and research company committed to maximizing turf performance on sports fields, golf courses, commercial landscapes, and home lawns. We identify and evaluate nutrition, health and other environment problems. Then we customize the solutions to meet your goals. Read More...


We Love Buffalo

New Dimensions Turf is proud to serve the Buffalo, NY area.

Do you Love Buffalo?

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Contact Us

New Dimensions Turf, Inc.

95 Botsford Place
Buffalo, NY 14216

New Dimensions Turfgrass BBB Business Review